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Dr BenDix is one of the finest blues and rock band you can get from Norway. The mix of blues and rock (sometimes called bluesrock) makes the band suitable for almost all venues. The band started in 1999 with songs from Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter etc. (Texas Blues). Their individual experience performing in bands that played blues, jazz, rock`n roll, and heavy rock was the catalyst that inspired them to form Dr. BenDix,. In the spring of 2002 Dr BenDix recorded his first CD titled "Life Is A Rocky Road" to help promote their songwriting, and musical interpretations and in 2003 he recorded "White Lies", now the band is working on their third record.

Both cd`s have given the band a lot of airplaying all over the world, and as a result of that, they`ve been playing as a headliner band in Norway and Scotland at some great blues venues and festivals.

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Send e-mail to: kjell.bendix@fredfiber.net

Dundee Blues Bonanza 2008.

Friday the 27th of June we entered the stage half 9 PM at Deja Vu, after Robert Penn (he did a great support :-) We really smoked the house, great sound and the crowd was great to us. Saturday we had a gig at Dexters from 6 to 8 PM and then we got a gig at Gauger bar from half 9 to 12 PM.

Thursday we went back to our gigs, was playing in St Andrews, Friday we was in Arbroath and Saturday we had two gigs, one at Dexters Dundee from half 3 to 6 PM and then we loaded the van and drove over to The Eagle Tavern in Prestwick, entered the stage half 9 to 12 PM. That was a great gig, the venue was packed and they was really good to us. Sunday we was relaxing with good food and beers, Monday the 7th we headed home to Norway, it was great to see my children and wife, bought some stuff to my kids, it was almost like X-mas :-) The manager at the Blues Bonanza said Welcome back next year, so now we looking forward to next year :-)

From JAMALLSTARS Prestwick: Stuff to see this week.....
Dr BenDix (amazing blues guitar player from Scandinavia) at the Eagle Tavern, Prestwick on Saturday.

Scotland 2006:
We was playing as a trio at a festival in Scotland the year of 2006.
The manager of the festival Mr. Alfie was impressed how we could play so great using hired gear :-) well after a long life playing at festivals and jamsessions on whatever amp, this was just great. I prefer Mashall on guitar but got a Fender Twin, great sound.
The bassplayer prefer a 300 watt Ampeq, but got a Roland guitaramp.. sounded ok. Drums... hmmmm.. the snare was beaten to death, but we know what to do with a roll of gafa-tape :-) sounded ok :-)
The vocal-system was just ok. And that`s it.

We had a lot of happy feeling and enjoyed to play.
Excellent food (did`nt try out Haggis, but next time.. hmmm... I`m sure)
Scottish beer is just excellent. The audience was just fantastic, they let us in to their heart and they came in to ours.
Accommodation was just great. We could`nt have had it better :-)
If you go to Pictures and Videoclip you will see some from that tour.
Have a great time :-)

Some responds from other musicians at the Arbroath Bluesfestival:

Dave (Barrelhouse) Blair (Bass)
Not long got home from the Arbroath Smokie Festival and then my local for a coupla beers. I'd just like to say that the whole day for me was highlighted by BBF's Dr Bendix. They just took the Burns Bar by storm, typical Viking fashion, no prisoners taken, no quarter given. Man oh man, it is a long time since I have seen a band that stirs a crowd like these guys did, Kjell, Dr Bendix himself, is the best guitarist I have seen in a long time and by quite a long way too. The guy is just phenomenal to watch and listen to. This band should become a permanent fixture on the UK blues scene, IMHO they would completely blow away many of the UK's top dogs by a considerable margin. Thank you guys for a great gig, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I saw of your set. Please come back next year?

Old Bones
I'll go along with that Dave, a real blistering set, I got a couple of photos so I'll put them up as soon as I can.

Billy The Blindman (Drums)
July 15th 2006 the day the Vikings conquered Arbroath.
Kjell and his guys were absolutely excellent and
the crowd took them straight to their hearts.
As barrelhouse says, like the Vikings of old they took no prisoners,
during a storming pair of one hour sets.
I hope we can entice them back to Aberdeen.

The band have their own 8000 w. PA-system, six bass-elements and four top-elements, gives an excellent soft wide sound.
At small venues they can split the PA from ten speakers to what ever number of speakers.

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